Design Politics 2020


Design Politics, Dublin, 2020

Design Politics is the first in a planned series of conferences from This is HCD. It will be held on June 16th and 17th 2020 to be held in the gorgeous space of The Richmond Education and Event Centre in Dublin.

Design is the act of making change, whether at an ecosystems and organisational level or putting products and services into the world. The theme of Design Politics is deliberately open to broad interpretation. For some this will mean the people politics of projects, teams, clients, stakeholders — all the stuff that forms much of the daily work of designers. For others, it will mean how design decisions affect society, culture, actual politics, and the planet.

By creating opportunities at the conferences to apply a mix of thinking and doing with world-class practitioners leading and facilitating, attendees will return to their daily roles fully-charged and ready to apply new learnings to their organisations.

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Who should attend?

Anyone is welcome to attend, but the content of the conference will be of particular interest to:

  • Service Designers
  • Product Designers
  • UX Designers
  • Content Designers & Strategists
  • Business Designers
  • Ethnographers and Anthropologists
  • Design Researchers
  • Product Managers
  • Business Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Corporates, agencies and public service organisations.

Conference approach & philosophy

The conference is best thought of as the This is HCD podcasts and community—guests and hosts—brought to life.

There are plenty of large practitioner conferences, but flying hundreds of people between continents is no longer sustainable. This is HCD conferences aim to be smaller and more intimate experiences with high-quality, deep thinking, and remote participation opportunities.

  • We are aiming for a blend of local and international, and gender-balanced talent.
  • The conference capacity is 128 people plus a global live streaming audience.
  • We will create live and recorded podcasts for our global community.
  • All keynotes will be captured on video for archival on our website and YouTube post event.
  • We will strive for a zero carbon-footprint conference.
  • The attendee flight radius should be max 2-3 hours and all travel carbon offset.
  • All food and drinks will be locally sourced to support the local community and reduce environmental impact.
  • The energy consumption of the venue, event supplies, attendees will be calculated and CO2 offset by partnering with carbon capture projects.
  • For networking, both evenings will have have drinks in the 120-year old conference venue accompanied by live piano music.
  • This is HCD is dedicated to a harassment-free conference experience for everyone. Our anti-harassment and code-of-conduct policy can be found here.

Photo by Niv Singer on Unsplash.